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The Workplace Awards competition is a call for excellence in making work environments a better place to work. We award the best in workplace development projects and solutions. The competition is organised by Finnish Property Owners Rakli and IFMA Finland. The first competition was organised in 2019 where thirteen work environment projects participated. The competition has grown every year and in 2022 an incredible twenty-four projects were submitted.

2022 winners

The winners of the work environment project of the year 2022 competition

Agile Work and Bluefors

This extensive project combines professional project management, construction consulting and insightful design. Standard solutions were not an option, but the entire work community was encouraged to participate in achieving the top-quality and optimal outcome.


If rinnallasi work environment change is a great example of comprehensive company culture improvement achieved through superior management. The aim was to create a work environment in which all the If employees feel comfortable and can be themselves.

Mushrooming and Monoma

The services of Mushrooming and Monoma represent circular economy: finding new ways of utilising the current built environment more efficiently will, at best, reduce the pressure to use resources for building new premises.

Rune & Berg and Postnord

The core of the space use is the booking system which the entire personnel is committed to use. All office spaces have a timetable, based on which the teams can select the suitable space for each day.

Workspace and Sanoin application

The basic idea is simple: the application measures spoken interaction during the work day in different ways. The Sanoin application will bring your team to the top-team level.