The winner of the Workplace Awards: Work environment concept to support growth and standing out

The winner of the Workplace Awards competition’s main category is the magnificent cooperation between Agile Work and the technology company Bluefors, which created a workspace for Bluefors supporting the organisation’s international and science-driven start-up identity. It was clear already at the planning stage that the company’s culture and operating methods will be changed as the company was expanding, and there was a need to pay attention to this when designing the solutions related to the work environment reform.

This extensive project combines professional project management, construction consulting and insightful design. Standard solutions were not an option, but the entire work community was encouraged to participate in achieving the top-quality and optimal outcome. In the planning stage, the office and production facilities were presented to the employees through a virtual model and VR glasses, which meant that the employees were able to give feedback on which space best serves the intended use.

Previously, the premises of Bluefors were rather noisy. In the reformed premises, the noisiest work stages were placed in the service tunnels. The reform provided peaceful office spaces for production supervisors and developers in connection with the production facilities. This Bluefors implementation is the first time that service tunnels have been used in this way. This innovative implementation has been copied later in other similar production facilities.

The old property ready for demolition got a new life through effective engagement, work environment planning and project management, which enables world-class development and production and supports the exponential growth of the company.

The project as a whole supported the renewed working culture and brand of Bluefors and made agile expansion possible as a result of new offices around the world. “This reform project has facilitated recruitment and considerably improved production lead times. We have learned a lot of valuable lessons from this project which will be useful in the future projects. Together with Agile Work, we have managed to create functional premises of which Bluefors is proud and where it is nice to bring guests,” says COO Jonas Geust from Bluefors.