The winner of the Workplace Awards: The Sanoin application brings your team to the top-team level

The winner of the Workplace Awards competition’s New tools and technologies category is Workspace with its Sanoin application. The Sanoin application is developed together with a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence solutions, Futurice. The basic idea is simple: the application measures spoken interaction during the work day in different ways. 

With the application, employees can monitor, for example, how much they interact with each other or how the opportunities to speak are divided in team meetings. The Sanoin application can also be used for physical workspace analyses and development. The first version of the application is currently being used by a selected group of users, but the application will soon become available to a wider user group.

“In hybrid work, encounters and working with colleagues are especially expected from office days. In addition to the physical space and technical circumstances, it is important to create the best conditions for functional interaction,” says CBO Ilona Karlsson from Workspace, who was closely involved in developing the Sanoin application. 

Sports watches have long been providing similar data for measuring activity as the Sanoin application is now offering for measuring working life encounters. The sports watch data enables you to train like a top athlete; the Sanoin application will bring your team to the top-team level.