Topical work environment trends: well-being of employees and meeting places for employees

The Workplace Awards competition was calling for the best work environments in the categories: company culture and management, new tools and technologies, physical work environment, sustainability and great work environment actions. The winners were If Insurance Company, design agency Workspace, design agency Rune & Berg with its customer PostNord, cooperation between the Mushrooming service and property manager Monoma as well as a company specialised in transforming work environments, Agile Work, with its customer Bluefors. All of the work environment changes in this competition were driven by employees and their well-being.

An incredible twenty-four projects were submitted to this year’s Workplace Awards competition. Winner projects were deeds which combined occupational well-being and employee encounters.

Insurance Company If listened carefully to the employees’ wishes and ideas about the new office premises in which the entire organisation moved to last year. Design agency Rune & Berg was involved in creating Postnord’s headquarters, the starting point of which was employee encounters and inspiration. Agile Work, which is specialised in transforming work environments, and technology company Bluefors offered their employees virtual tours to the new office premises already before the commissioning of the spaces.

– As can be seen in the winning projects, the development of work environments and work environment management are driven by employee and team needs. Hybrid work is here to stay and visible also in the competing projects. People want the office to be a place to meet each other, where you can brainstorm and work together and where you feel comfortable, says chair of the jury, Marita Salo, Executive Director at HENRY ry.

Two applications were also awarded in the competition: the Sanoin application and the service of the application agency Workspace. The Sanoin application can be used, for example, to monitor the number of employee encounters and the division of the participants’ opportunities to speak in meetings. Mushrooming cooperated with property manager Monomo to create “the Tinder of workspaces” in which employees and workspaces are looking for suitable matches.

Giving credit to massive changes and agile operators

The Workplace Awards competition had five categories this year: company culture and management, new tools and technologies, the physical working environment and sustainability as well as the main category which required extensive and comprehensive work environment actions. Four honourable mentions were also awarded.

The honourable mentions were received by, Studio AnnaK, Turku Technology Properties, City of Pori and Kemira. The employee path created by, which specialises in real estate development, is a career path centered around maintaining the employee’s motivation. Studio AnnaK is a space constructed for the Kiinko real estate education centre’s hybrid training sessions and events, which was implemented with excellence. The InfraCity office building of Turku Technology Properties, with its 4,000 square metres of office space, is a large project with outstanding results. According to the jury, the City of Pori’s move to an open office was a model example of a successful public sector project which engaged the entire personnel in the designing and planning. The jury liked Kemira’s great habit of paying attention to the well-being of the remote working employees by providing them with ergonomic workstation furniture at home.

The members of the jury were Marita Salo, Kristiina Borg from CBRE Finland, Susanna Kallio from Kohina, Suvi Nenonen from the University of Helsinki and Tero Helenius from Rakka Works.


Fact: The Workplace Awards competition

Organised by Finnish Property Owners Rakli and IFMA Finland

Aims to highlight the best forms of work environment management and exemplary work environment actions.

The competition was organised for the fourth time.

The Workplace Award 2022 actions and competition categories